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Our Alzheimer’s unit will keep your loved one safe and enjoying the best possible quality of life.

While many families do their best to care for their aging relatives on their own, being a caregiver is challenging, particularly when dementia or Alzheimer’s is involved. If it has come to the point where you are fearful the one you love is a danger to themselves or to your family, or you otherwise cannot continue as their caregiver, it is time to seek a qualified and caring Alzheimer’s unit. Here at The Almost Home Group, we offer a unique caregiving solution for those who want their loved ones to be in a comfortable environment.

Alzheimer’s Unit in Greensboro, North Carolina

We have three homes in the Greensboro, North Carolina area that are resident-centered with 24/7 care for your loved one. Our staff is experienced with the extra challenges that Alzheimer’s and dementia patients have, and our personalized service means your loved one gets assistance with the daily life activities they may no longer be capable of handling on their own. The transition from their home or yours to one of ours goes smoothly, as the environment is much the same—it’s not quite such a drastic change like a move to a large, clinical facility or nursing home might be.

Our Alzheimer’s unit will keep your loved one safe, and we work with families to provide the support group that gives you the resources, direction, and comfort that makes this a difficult time for you. Whether your loved one is at the beginning stages of memory loss or more advanced, you can be confident they will be treated with complete respect to ensure the best possible quality of life. Call today to discuss our current or future openings and arrange a tour to learn more about what our Alzheimer’s unit has to offer.

Alzheimer’s Unit in Piedmont Triad, NC