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We offer Alzheimer’s care that will keep your loved one safe and comfortable.

Alzheimer’s Care in Piedmont Triad, North CarolinaHaving a loved one who needs Alzheimer’s Care can leave you with many questions and anxiety about how to keep them safe and comfortable. It is likely that where they currently live is not equipped to handle the special needs involved. Whether they are still in their own home or an assisted living facility, you know you have to secure a better solution for them. Here at The Almost Home Group, we offer the high level of Alzheimer’s care your loved one needs and deserves.

Each resident in our care receives extraordinary individual care in a home environment in the Piedmont Triad, North Carolina area. With a high staff-to-resident ratio, you can have peace of mind that your loved one is safe and having their needs addressed properly and promptly. Our staff is experienced and trained to handle all aspects of dementia and Alzheimer’s Care.

Transitioning to one of our homes that are located in residential neighborhoods is no more stressful than moving from one house to another, so our residents don’t feel the confusion that going into a more institutional environment could cause. We also take care to decorate our homes in the furniture and accessories typical in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s as that is what they recall from earlier years and makes them feel more at home.

We have three different homes available – Perryman House, Lyman House, and Clinard House. If you would like to learn more about our dementia and Alzheimer’s care solutions or would like to schedule a tour, don’t hesitate to call us. Drop in visits are welcomed as well.


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