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5 Signs your Loved One May Benefit from a Memory Care Unit

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Do you have a loved one who is experiencing delusions, agitation, disorientation and other behaviors beyond normal forgetfulness? It may feel scary and difficult but finding a quality memory care unit with well-trained professionals can be the best thing for your loved one, especially if you are seeing any of these warning signs:

  1. Behaviors are putting themselves or others at risk – Alzheimer’s, dementia and similar conditions often lead to people wandering, leaving a stove on, or other dangerous behaviors. They may also become violent when frustrated and confused. A good memory care unit can prevent and safely mediate these situations.

5 Signs your Loved One May Benefit from a Memory Care Unit

  1. Unsuitable living conditions – Cleaning, cooking, and home management tasks are often neglected by people with memory loss and it can become overwhelming to do it all for them.
  2. Self-care is being neglected – It’s important that people with memory loss take medications at specific times, eat at normal hours, and keep up on their hygiene. These behaviors are often neglected when suffering from memory loss. A memory care unit can ensure all necessities are being attended to.
  3. Caregiver is overworked – It’s completely reasonable to feel overwhelmed by the amount of care needed for a loved one with memory loss and physical limitations. You will be better able to care for your loved one and others in your life when it is not solely your responsibility.
  4. Preserve the relationship – You may start to feel some animosity or resentment towards your loved one when they demand so much of your time, especially if they show anger rather than appreciation for your efforts. Allowing some time apart and letting someone else become the primary caregiver can help preserve an important relationship.

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