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Nursing Home Care for Dementia, Piedmont Triad, NC

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Turn to us for loving and considerate nursing home care for dementia.

Getting older is rarely easy, and sometimes it can be just as challenging for loved ones to watch someone age as it is for the aging person themselves. This is particularly true of people who are suffering from dementia. If you have been worried about your loved one being on their own or needing more care than you can provide for them in your own home, it might be time to consider nursing home care for dementia with our kind and caring team here at The Almost Home Group.

Nursing Home Care for Dementia in Piedmont Triad, North Carolina

Our name is very important to us because we want our residents to truly feel like they are at home when they are with us. With three different houses that offer a home-like experience, you can count on our team to take care of your loved ones in a safe, secure and enjoyable setting. While we provide nursing home care for dementia, we also provide relief, security, and a much-needed respite for tired care givers.

When you are looking for nursing home care for dementia, you likely are looking for long-term assistance for a long-term issue. We provide your loved ones not only with a safe place to stay, but also give them the best in care. Your loved one can enjoy exercise, activities that will help retain their mental acuity, personal care, and socialization that will keep them in good spirits. We have caregivers and medical staff members who are trained in caring for dementia patients, so you can feel comfortable that your loved one will be in the best of hands.

Whether you or someone you love needs nursing home care for dementia in the Piedmont Triad, North Carolina area, we want to help. Please contact us today to learn more.

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