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Attend our dementia support group for loving help and discussion.

Dealing with dementia in ourselves or loved ones can be a difficult road. But you do not have to travel that road alone. We are happy to help provide support to people in our community dealing with the effects of dementia on individuals and their family members. For this reason, we provide a dementia support group to clients and community members in the Piedmont Triad, North Carolina area.

Dementia Support Group in Piedmont Triad, North Carolina

Take the opportunity to gather with others to discuss the effects of dementia in your life. You will meet with other individuals dealing with similar challenges. Through discussion and caring concern, you will find support and truly feel that you are not alone.

Dementia can take several forms. It describes a group of symptoms that affect the mind and memory processes. A person with dementia may display impaired reasoning, difficulty remembering, and personality changes. These symptoms can cause a dramatic change in one’s personal experience, as well as changing family and community dynamics. It is no wonder that dementia can cause so much strain on individuals and families. Our dementia support group aims to help alleviate the stress these problems cause.

Contact us to learn more about our dementia support group. At The Almost Home Group, we are committed to providing loving senior care to members of our community dealing with dementia, Alzheimer’s and other age-related illnesses. Remember, you do not have to deal with dementia alone. We are here to help you manage senior care with confidence and love.