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We help all our residents thrive in our memory care unit.

Memory Care in Greensboro, North Carolina
Dementia and Alzheimer’s are challenging conditions for those who have these diseases and those who care for them. If you feel like it is time to arrange for memory care for your loved one, you may have many questions about what will help your loved one feel at home, how they will be cared for health-wise, and what the best living arrangement is for them overall. This journey can take time but preparing for what to expect as you make the transition can make the process less daunting.

Caring for your loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia can be a struggle if you do it independently. Our memory care units at The Almost Home Group may be the right fit for your loved one. We have homes in the Greensboro, North Carolina area and at each one, our residents are watched over by qualified caregivers 24/7.

We give our residents access to nurturing staff members and peers at all times to help them thrive. In each of our three homes, we house between two and six residents. Every one of our staff members has experience, knowledge, and training regarding proper memory care. Your loved one will receive help with basic tasks every day, like meal preparation and laundry, and have access to group and individualized activities inside and outside of the home.

We welcome you to come and tour our homes to determine if our memory care living options are the right fit for your loved one. Contact us today to schedule your personalized tour.

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