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Our goal is to provide excellent memory care so all of our residents thrive.

Memory Care in Piedmont Triad, North CarolinaAlzheimer’s and dementia can be challenging, not only for those who have one of these conditions, but also for those who are involved in their care. As you arrange long-term memory care for your loved one, you may have questions surrounding what will happen to their health, what will make them happy, and what the best arrangement for them is. While this journey may take time, knowing how to prepare and what to expect can make the process less daunting.

At this stage, you do not have to care for your loved one’s needs independently. If you feel like it is time to secure outside assistance, our memory care communities in the Piedmont Triad, North Carolina area may be the perfect fit. Under our care at The Almost Home Group, your loved one will live in one of our three homes and be watched over by one of our qualified caregivers at all times.

The Almost Home Group provides love, safety, and dignity to
its residents

We believe memory care recipients need access to nurturing staff members and peers in order to thrive. We house between two and six residents in each of our three homes and maintain a highly qualified team of staff members who have experience and knowledge regarding proper memory care practices. On a daily basis, each resident receives assistance with basic tasks, like laundry and meal preparation, and then has access to a variety of individualized and group activities both inside and outside of his or her home environment.

Feel confident in your decision to place your loved one in an excellent alternative to assisted living by coming and touring our homes and speaking with our care professionals directly. Schedule your tour today by giving us a call at The Almost Home Group.

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